Research and Development Managers Search for Jira Alternative after Atlassian’s Decision

Research and Development (R&D) departments in large organizations have been using Jira software for years to carry out their research and development projects. 

The majority of R&D projects are governed by rigorous security terms and policies to safeguard the intellectual property of the enterprise. Developing a competitive product or service or achieving an organization’s innovation strategy depends on the secrecy and results of these projects. Atlassian’s decision of shutting down Jira Server has resulted in many R&D managers searching for an alternative solution to Jira Server that offers similar functionality and has the capability to operate on on-premises infrastructure.

That’s why a new strategic task has been added to the daily to-do list of R&D VPs and managers – finding an alternative solution for Jira Server that’s not only feature-rich and financially feasible but offers the option of on-premises deployment. The primary reason why an alternative is required is that R&D departments can’t afford to move their sensitive and confidential data to a cloud-based solution during research projects. Now the real question is whether there is an alternative or not.

Which Solution Should The Head Of R&D Choose As An Alternative To The Jira Server?

KanBo On-Premises offers the most effective and functionally unparalleled alternative to R&D departments after Atlassian announced the EOL of the Jira server. With KanBo On-Premises, you have the option to fully address the demands, challenges, and needs of your R&D department in the enterprises by deploying a rigorous solution that brings many of the capabilities of the Jira server to your own hardware infrastructure. If the relevant data for R&D is stored on-premises then the Jira server no longer remains a solitary or mandatory choice.

By using KanBo software, R&D departments across multiple industries can focus on making their respective enterprises highly competitive in a global marketplace, particularly with respect to introducing new technologies, enhancing operational efficiencies, and improving the reach and quality of customer service. The R&D department plays a crucial role in the growth of organizations and an effective R&D strategy is required to help business organizations stay ahead of their competition. With KanBo On-Premises, R&D departments can be more engaged in enterprise innovation projects and activities instead of worrying about operational and technical issues.

An effective R&D team can contribute to the business growth of an organization by identifying and deploying innovative solutions to the challenges that confront the organization. KanBo software offers an ideal opportunity to R&D departments to partner with internal teams to devise a unique strategy developing new solutions and expanding the horizon of their business scope. With KanBo Boards, R&D teams can view a comprehensive picture of their business model and track developments in all aspects of the business. Business people can collaborate with R&D professionals to discuss the impact of the business outcomes that will be generated by the new solutions.

Benefits of KanBo On-Premises for R&D Departments in Large Enterprises

Enhance Operational Efficiency & Productivity

KanBo software is designed to be used by R&D departments as it offers an effective collaborative environment that provides a seamless interface between the R&D team and business staff. With the efficient use of KanBo software, the R&D department has the opportunity to experiment and deliver better results using their findings. 

Find New & Innovative Solutions

KanBo On-Premises lets large organizational teams experiment with potential new solutions to business problems and challenges, quickly testing and developing actionable solutions that can be inducted into the domain of the business. With KanBo Board, the R&D team can test ideas in an innovative way, release new innovations and have the option to actively participate in the innovation process. 

Collaborative Innovation

With the deployment of KanBo On-Premises, R&D departments can create a process in which multiple players contribute towards creating and developing new products, services, processes and business solutions. Not only that, members of other departments and teams can also provide their feedback and reviews which can help the R&D department to improve their solution and be more innovative. 

On-Premise Applications

Don’t forget that since KanBo is an on-premises solution, it can be installed and operated on hardware infrastructure and firewall on the premises of the enterprise or organization relying on the software instead of storing and accessing data via a remote facility like a server farm or cloud. 


Now when we get back to the original question for VPs of R&D Departments – what’s the best alternative solution for Jira Server that also offers on-premises installation? The answer is quite simple – KanBo On-Premises software is a natural alternative for R&D organizations of large organizations across multiple industries. They can rely on KanBo software to ensure the highest level of security of their sensitive and business-critical data on which their market position relies on.

KanBo software for R&D departments is a software solution that fulfills all the essential needs and addresses the primary challenges and concerns of R&D departments. With the deployment of this software, R&D teams aren’t only capable of developing new solutions quickly but they can test new and innovative ideas efficiently and release final products to improve the organizational bottom line while enhancing their customer experience through exceptional research and development.

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