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In a mobile world, the flexibility of working in a multitude of environments like office, home, remote location, and on site is becoming a vital way to remain competitive and innovative as a company.

Mobility is the future. Explore KanBo’s special features that can help you build a mobile work environment optimized for success.

Mobile Notifications

Stay up to date on the go

KanBo mobile notifications are a reliable way to stay up to with the top work priorities that deserve your utmost attention. KanBo lets you personalize the notification settings to match your unique work style – even when you are away from your desk.

You also get the choice to customize the delay between when the notifications originate and when they show up on your device. This way, you can control the flow of notifications on all your devices to maintain a personalized work focus. If you’ve already read a message within the default time frame on your desktop, it won’t get pushed to your phone as an alert.

Responsive Design on Any Device

Work from anywhere on any device

Mobile devices have become business critical entities essential for collaboration in dynamic work environments. Designed following the mobile-first paradigm, KanBo allows people to easily share and collaborate on the go. KanBo’s responsive layout performs just as efficiently on a large 80-inch LCD touch screen as it does on a tiny iPhone 5.

KanBo adapts to any device with a modern browser and uses its screen size to deliver the best UX possible. By utilizing the Progressive Web App technology, KanBo ensures that the updates are free from app store bureaucracy to provide greater agility when it comes to release cycles.


No Network, No Problem - Never halt your work and creativity

Whether you are on a train or plane or just trying to get things done with a bad connection, KanBo still lets you create new boards, lists, and cards on your notebook, tablet or mobile.

As soon as your device gets connectivity everything automatically gets synced across KanBo, keeping your entire team on the same page. You never know when a muse might spark your creativity – for these moments KanBo has got you covered even when there is no network.

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