KanBo for Good

Let’s join hands and be the change

KanBo takes pride in lending a helping hand to individuals and organizations who are making a difference, so they can be more efficient – in building the world we love.


There’s nothing more crucial than providing assistance to those who are less privileged and we ensure the help reaches them.


Non-profit organizations can make our communities a better place by focusing on those who have been overlooked and abandoned.


Those who shape the minds of our young generation need all the help they can get and we’re here to provide them the support.

Our support is priceless

KanBo is giving away up to 5,000 licences worth $1 million completely free, to individuals and organizations across three world-changing verticals that we firmly believe are vital to achieving sustainability.

Want to change the world, together?

It won’t take more than a few minutes of your time to submit the application. You can have your KanBo licence absolutely free within 48 hours so you can continue to make a difference.

Key Terms

To get your free licence, please include mandatory details about how KanBo can help you, your daily challenges, requirements, goals, issues, and expectations. Based on your application, we will create a tailored solution that meets your unique organizational objectives and requirements.

NGO’s, non-profit and educational institutes – The KanBo sustainability initiative currently awards free licences to NGO’s, not-for-profit and educational institutions. For-profit educational institutions can still submit a regular application requesting a discount on our standard licence.

Mandatory no reselling – The KanBo account featuring the perpetually free licence can only be used by the organization who submitted the application including their vendors and partners. If the account is resold to other organizations, it will be instantly suspended.

Self-hosting – The KanBo software can be deployed on your own cloud servers (M365/Azure/GCP/AWS) or on your own on-premises server infrastructure.