KanBo gives agile organizations every tool to create and operate versatile Scrum teams that can build, adapt, change, and collaborate dynamically to deliver a high-quality finished product within time and financial restraints.

Find out more about unique KanBo’s Scrum features that will ensure timely and effective communication among all agile teams.

Board, Cards & Comments

Enhance Organizational Transparency & Improve Communication

The dedicated KanBo Scrum board is a central hub of project information that highlights all the work a team needs to get done. The board is easy to access and can be viewed by any team member at any time to get the required updates. This level of transparency ensures that everyone clearly understands their task and is completely aware of the progress being made.

Having a central progress board enables the organization to enhance communication among team members and improves work accuracy and precision by eliminating unnecessary delays and errors. The board is particularly helpful for agile Scrum teams who move at a rapid pace to deliver a high-quality finished product.

Responsibility, Lists & Blockers

Encourage Sprint Planning & Incremental Progress

At the core of KanBo's Scrum framework is the sprint, a predetermined period of time for agile teams to design, develop, and test a potentially releasable product through iterative development. The KanBo Scrum Board acts as a connecting bridge between the strategic planning and operational execution of sprints.

Your organization can rely on it to determine delivery times for completing brand new features, identifying feedback loops, and keeping teams connected to their real work. The Board is a simple yet versatile and powerful tool for solving agile team issues, concerns, and bottlenecks. It also allows each team member to make valuable contributions to discussions, add context to interactions, and provide a point of entry for delivering value to users.

Privet view & Statuses

Boost Team Focus through Persistent Collaboration

It is not an unlikely scenario for agile teams working in different organizations to miss project deadlines, especially when they over-commit and have more workload on their shoulders than they can realistically deliver.

This happens because they lose sign of the primary project goal and get distracted. KanBo Scrum Boards provide crucial transparency for every project by dividing the whole work into achievable milestones. This gives your agile teams a workable framework that promotes and rewards focus and organization. The boards also enable to view the workload with ease so each team member can determine which area requires work to complete the ongoing task.

The KanBo Scrum Board can feature a combination of team members from the entire enterprise as this way each team member can see and share information in real-time. This helps your organization foster a culture of multi-departmental collaboration and eliminates duplicative work.

Comments & Mentions

Inspire & Foster Collective Creativity

Since the KanBo Scrum Board features all the phases that need to take your project to completion, it can be used to foster creativity and imagination enabling team members to come up with unique and distinct solutions to achieve their personal and organization's collective milestones.

By keeping every team member in the loop, the KanBo Scrum Board evokes a sense of healthy competition and inspires creativity in the members of the team by allowing them to observe how each task fits in visually to accomplish a bigger objective. This helps the organization develop a shared understanding of what needs to be done to complete the project fostering an environment where people get acknowledged and rewarded for their creativity.