KanBo streamlines and automates the coordination process to provide an organized system for decision-making that eliminates silos. With KanBo’s advanced coordination features, your team can get the clarity they need to move in the right direction.

Discover these robust coordination features to achieve higher visibility, better coordination and more.


Know where you stand

KanBo’s Board is a digital representation of an area of work, specially built to visualize workflows in an intuitive manner. Effortlessly maintain a comprehensive view of portfolios, projects, processes or departments as you speed through work stages with great ease and efficiency.
KanBo’s Board simplifies navigation by allowing you to filter, zoom in and out, drag & drop, scroll and move to see where everything stands in real time. The board also lets you manage timelines, identify bottlenecks and implement countermeasures to keep the workflow smooth and organized. As you work, the board will closely follow your unique workflow and adapt to how each team works to give you infinite freedom of action and a comprehensive bigger picture.

Card Relations

Connect work across KanBo Boards for effective execution

Complex work involves ever evolving work items and processes that are prone to losing visibility fast. As complex work is broken down into smaller work items, the responsibility for execution is divided between teams and departments with their own boards. With KanBo Card Relations, you can link cards across different boards to build a powerful relational network to keep your work items connected.
KanBo provides relations such as parent, child, next, previous and relative to give you full control on the type of connections and dependencies in your work. To view the progress of a work item that is scattered all over the organization, all you have to do is visit the main card that contains all the sub-cards. The card will let you see the overall progress of all smaller work pieces in the blink of an eye so you can take the appropriate actions.


Take control of time

May it be upcoming deadlines and events or past dates, you can keep track of all work-related dates with KanBo’s powerful Timeline feature. The Timeline borrows dates from KanBo cards and maps them as dots on an interactive line that represents time. Here’s a quick overview of KanBo’s Timeline feature:

  • Dots are dates taken from the KanBo card and mapped on a Timeline.
  • The dots change colors to show if something is due soon, approaching in the near future or running late.
  • The size of the dots indicates how many work-related dates have been saved for a particular day.
  • Users can drag and drop dots directly on the timeline to easily change dates on cards.

Cards from can also be dragged and drop directly on the timeline to set new dates visually.

Card Status

Defining your representation of progress

There are many ways to reach the end goal and every team does it differently. For the right end-results, teams often go through a number of stages or stepping stones that represent progress. KanBo’s Card Status allows you to create personalized stages to suit your team’s understanding of workflow. Card statuses and their relations can be created within any KanBo Board for a simple yet effective progress representation. You can even use colors and icons to represent specific states in a visual manner.

Card Dates and Reminders

KanBo remembers so you don’t have to

When you have a lot on your plate, forgetting a few dates seems inevitable. That is why KanBo’s notification system is specially built to help you keep track of important deadlines.

Each card contains its own preset of reminders. Users can extend these by adding custom reminders to notify the team about upcoming deadlines before they pass them by. Just by following the relevant cards, you can get notifications about the approaching deadlines and reminders associated with it.