Driving Advanced Product Innovation in Large Companies with KanBo

Driving Advanced Product Innovation in Large Companies with KanBo

Empowering large enterprises to achieve unparalleled product innovation through seamless collaboration and enhanced project management.

Large global companies are continuously seeking ways to not only keep up with but also set new standards in product innovation. In a landscape marked by fierce competition and rapidly changing market demands, the ability of these organizations to deliver breakthrough products efficiently and creatively plays a pivotal role in marking their success. KanBo, with its comprehensive suite of features structured within a clear hierarchy, stands out as a robust platform that streamlines the innovation process. By integrating KanBo into their operational framework, companies can foster a culture of innovation that propels them ahead.

Features and Components

Workspaces: Organizing Innovation Efforts

Workspaces in KanBo serve as broad containers for segregating various areas of innovation within an organization. Whether it's research and development, design, or marketing teams, workspaces offer a structured environment for collaboration and project management.


Spaces: Fostering Collaborative Innovation Projects

Within each workspace, spaces allow for the detailed execution of projects or innovation areas. Spaces are where the magic happens—ideas are developed, strategies are planned, and projects come to life, supporting cross-functional teamwork and knowledge sharing.


Cards: Tracking Innovation Tasks

At the heart of KanBo are cards, representing individual tasks, ideas, or milestones. Cards contain all necessary information and progress tracking, facilitating clear accountability and streamlined management of innovation tasks.


Calendar View: Scheduling Innovation Milestones

Utilize the Calendar view to maintain an overview of important product development deadlines, ensuring that your team is aligned and aware of key innovation milestones.

Calendar view

Gantt Chart View: Visualizing Project Timelines

For managing complex product development projects, the Gantt Chart view offers a comprehensive timeline, showcasing how various tasks and stages interconnect, helping teams anticipate potential overlaps or delays.

Gantt Chart view

Card Relations: Understanding Task Dependencies

Innovation often involves interrelated tasks with dependencies. KanBo's card relation feature helps map out these connections, ensuring that critical tasks are completed in the right sequence for smooth progress.

Card relation

Document Management: Centralizing Innovation Resources

Efficient management and sharing of documents, designs, and research findings are crucial. KanBo’s integrated document management system ensures that all team members have access to the necessary information at the right time.

Card documents

KanBo Search: Instant Access to Innovation Knowledge

Finding key information quickly can significantly speed up innovation processes. KanBo's powerful search capabilities ensure that all project-related data is just a few clicks away.

KanBo Search

Mind Map View: Ideating and Planning

Use the Mind Map view for brainstorming and strategic planning sessions. This feature allows for a visual organization of ideas, making it easier to spot innovation opportunities and plan their execution.

Mind Map view

By leveraging KanBo's features, large enterprises can enhance their capabilities to manage innovation processes more effectively, from ideation through to execution. KanBo offers the tools needed to embrace a proactive approach to product innovation, ensuring that organizations can stay ahead in their respective industries while fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity.