Transforming Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) with KanBo

Transforming Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) with KanBo

Discover how KanBo empowers large corporations to excel in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), seamlessly connecting strategic goals with daily operations, thereby enhancing alignment, prioritization, and measurable progress.

KanBo: A Catalyst for Advanced Enterprise Performance Management

KanBo's integrated platform revolutionizes the approach to Enterprise Performance Management, offering an ecosystem where vision, strategy, and execution converge. It provides an unparalleled blend of features customized to meet the dynamic needs of C-Level executives, directors, managers, and knowledge workers within global companies, fostering an environment that's in sync with the organization's strategic objectives.

Key Features Enabling EPM Excellence

KanBo Hierarchy

Organize and visualize your company’s workflow with KanBo’s structured organizational model. From workspaces to spaces and cards, manage and coordinate enterprise activities reflecting your company's structure and strategic priorities.


Segment your organizational efforts into distinct areas such as departments, teams, or projects. With workspaces, oversee the entire portfolio and ensure strategic alignment across all levels of your enterprise.


Function as the operational centers of your EPM strategy, with spaces allowing teams to collaborate on projects aligned with your strategic objectives. Enhance cross-functional communication and drive focused efforts towards common goals.


At the heart of task and project management, cards represent individual tasks, goals, or projects. They are instrumental in breaking down strategic objectives into actionable items, ensuring every team member contributes precisely towards realizing company-wide goals.

Calendar View

Plan and schedule strategic initiatives, projects, and tasks with the Calendar view, maintaining a helicopter perspective on deadlines and important milestones, aligning them with your strategic planning and performance targets.

Gantt Chart View

Visualize project timelines and dependencies, making it easier to manage and adjust your strategic initiatives’ execution phases. This powerful tool assists in detailed planning and tracking of progress towards your strategic goals.

Card Statistics

Gain insightful analytics and performance metrics on tasks and projects, facilitating informed strategic decisions. Card statistics allow leaders to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and implement timely corrective actions.

Forecast Chart View

Predict the completion of projects with data-driven insights. This view enables leadership to adjust strategies and resources proactively, ensuring alignment with the overarching organizational goals and performance standards.

Leveraging KanBo for Strategic EPM Execution

KanBo stands as an invaluable tool for entities aiming to refine their EPM strategies. By providing a clear, intuitive, and dynamic platform, KanBo ensures that every level of the organization remains aligned with its strategic objectives, thus empowering decision-makers with the clarity and agility needed to steer their enterprises towards sustained growth and success.