Create a fully organized and effective IT support system and keep track of all cases with organization-wide coordination features.

Upgrade your IT support with an easy to use and extend the ticketing system in KanBo. Create tickets that contain valuable details on service requests including their priority, status, description, due date, and much more. Capturing requests is made easier with omnichannel support and ticket assignments while Workflow Automation, reporting & analysis, and easy accessibility to the knowledge base make management more effective. Leverage additional features including Kanban, powerful email integration and notifications to take your IT support to the next level. The Kanban feature of KanBo greatly enhances your efficiency. The feature automatically organizes the workflow of each project. The Kanban is a highly intuitive feature that allows you to visualize the project in a many-dimensional view.

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In which departments or industries should the Ticketing Template be used?

To use KanBo Ticketing – Template is best for the following departments and industries:

What are the benefits of using IT Ticketing – Helpdesk in KanBo?

An IT ticketing system is a time-saving tool that allows you to quickly and easily record all the important details. This helps you to prioritize the issues and work effectively. The user-friendly user interface makes it convenient for users to enter the details for the requests. All the advanced features are easy to learn, access, and use. You can also work remotely from your desktop or mobile device as you would with any IT service ticketing system.

How to work with Ticketing in KanBo?

The following steps can help you get started with Ticketing. If you already have similar projects in your organization, you can quickly move to KanBo’s solution and show your team to get the best results.


IT ticketing systems are typically used in the IT departments of enterprise organizations. They are designed to provide IT support for IT infrastructure. They are often used to assist with diagnosing IT issues, documenting and tracking incidents and activities, and updating task management records.

  • An integrated ticketing system allows users to easily track IT support requests for their work or any project. It offers various features such as workflow, agent task assignments, security alert notifications, and workflow assignments for each request.
  • It is a powerful enterprise collaboration tool that is designed to manage the workflow for IT maintenance, collaboration, and human resource tasks.
  • Works with most of the leading enterprise software programs such as VMware, Microsoft, Salesforce, MuleSoft, NetSuite, Active Directory, ServiceNow, Dropbox, MySQL, VMware View, and Atlassian Jira.
  • A team collaboration tool, it helps to increase IT service productivity by connecting with teammates for efficient problem-solving

The best practices for the IT ticketing system include:

  • Select the right template that fits your needs
  • Test and analyze the reports to identify the issues and improve performance
  • Create tasks in your ticketing system to track and keep track of the tasks that you are completing.
  • You should be notified in real-time of any issues and report related tasks to you to review and make the necessary changes.
  • The reports are a highly important feature of an IT ticketing system. They not only help you to track the activities but also help to prevent any kind of human error.

For more information about why enterprises should use the KanBo template and how to set up an IT ticketing system with KanBo, please contact us.

  • It should be simple to use.
  • It should be scalable, and user-friendly.
  • It should allow maximum collaboration and communication among the team members.
  • It should be scalable and it should be able to track all the critical activities of the IT department.
  • It should offer other features such as security monitoring, workflow management, workflow assignment, and user alerts.
  • It should be accurate and it should offer the highest accuracy and security so that the IT staff can keep track of their tasks and activities.

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