What is the Fugle Model?

The Fugle Innovation Model by Du Preez and Louw it’s a framework that turns ideas into real innovations. With KanBo’s Fugle Innovation Model Template for enterprise organizations can manage the innovation process with all stages of The Fugle Innovation Model: Opportunites, Idea Generation, Concept Definition, Refinement, Development, Testing, and Verification.

Benefits of the innovation process?

With multiple stages and decision gates, organizations can manage the entire innovation life cycle and build an innovation process model that works for the digital age. Using KanBo’s Fugle Innovation Model Template for Enterprise, organizations have the ability to handle contextual information and collaboration of interdisciplinary cross-functional and self-organized teams. This KanBo template gives a whole new digital dimension to the innovation process.

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You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.

View of KanBo Fugle Innovation Model Template

KanBo Fugle Innovation Model Delivery Stage

How important is it to provide a good innovation process for the enterprises?

The Fugle innovation model is critical to the success of any innovation process because it provides a common language and processes for all stages of the Fugle model:
Opportunity, Idea Generation, Concept Definition, Refinement, Development, Testing and Verification.

Adopting the Fugle Innovation Model enables organizational stakeholders to participate in creating an effective innovation process model.

With the Fugle Model, organisations can manage all innovation processes at a consolidated level.

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In which industries should the Fugle Innovation Model be used?

There are several industries that have successfully applied the Fugle Model. The most noteworthy is the aerospace industry, which is struggling with CO2 emissions, and any company that seeks sustainable growth needs a good innovation process.

The use of the Fugle Innovation Model is best for the following departments and industries:

What are the benefits of using the Fugle Innovation Model in KanBo?

  • Innovation teams work across all departments in the enterprise
  • All Fugle stages with decision gate
  • Kanban way of work and easy Drag & Drop innovations between model stages
  • Cross-departmental contextual communication and collaboration
  • Innovation progress bar with Gantt chart view
  • The interdisciplinary approach to Innovation
  • Real-Time Notification and reminders

How to work with KanBo’s Fugle innovation model template for the Enterprise?

The following steps can help you get started with Fugle Innovation – Helpdesk. If you already have similar projects in your organization, you can quickly move to KanBo’s solution and show your team to get the best results.


Yes, the KanBo’s Fugle innovation model template for enterprise is free. If you’re already a KanBo customer, you can take advantage of all KanBo templates with a regular license model.

The KanBo’s Fugle Innovation Model template for Enterprise is designed to help enterprises manage every stage of their innovation strategy.

Yes, KanBo’s Fugle Innovation Model Template is suitable for Enterprise Business. This Template helps develop innovation in Enterprise from idea to launch innovation. With structured phases and features that boost growth and innovation.

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