What is a product roadmap template?

The product roadmaps template gives internal cross-functional teams and other stakeholders in the enterprise (senior executives, upper management, marketing, and sales teams, and/or investors) insight into a product’s current state. Additionally, the product roadmap template should also set a clear goal for how your product will develop in future months. The product owner creates the roadmap and should take existing technology and market trends, market conditions, engineering constraints, and the organization’s value proposition into consideration.

Each element of the roadmap should answer one of the following questions:

“What is in it for us to move forward with this product in the coming months and years?”

“What could we deliver in terms of business benefits to the enterprise to justify this investment?”

“What would it take to make it worth our while to move forward with this product?”

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View of KanBo Product Roadmap Template

KanBo's board - Product Roadmap

The product roadmap template facilitates discussion of options and scenario planning. It helps communicate with external stakeholders, including customers, vendors, and investors.

Product managers who use the roadmap template to establish a product roadmap are quick to point out that taking the roadmap approach only takes two key actions, including planning and communicating.

Why should I create a product roadmap in the enterprise?

  • to improve engineering, design, and testing speed
  • to preserve existing users’ loyalty to your product
  • to reduce the risk for new product releases
  • to help get new users acquainted with your product
  • to ensure your product remains aligned to the company’s strategic goals
  • to organize your product release schedule
  • to reduce the risk for new product releases
  • to help get new users acquainted with your product
  • to ensure your product remains aligned to the company’s strategic goals
  • to provide insight into the future for your product and organization
  • to validate that the features that you deliver are of value to the user base of your product

A product roadmap will be useful for agile development (e.g. a product roadmap in a system with a continuous integration pipeline) or for more traditional product development processes in the enterprise (e.g. a product roadmap within a traditional waterfall development.)

What is an agile approach for product roadmap?

Agile is a method to deliver products, services, and other value-added products to users. It is founded on the characteristics of managing continuous improvement as we iterate on building your product.

Who are roadmaps for?

They are most useful for managers of complex products that are changing rapidly. They allow their organization to communicate detailed business outcomes or deliverables to the end-user. Roadmaps are most useful for modern product development and Agile development.

Business outcomes of product roadmap:

  • Development of new features and features that solve problems and generate more revenue for the business.
  • With the Agile approach, the process breaks down the cadence of product development. New features are pushed out to users much faster.
  • Cross-functional teams can focus shifts from research, planning, and other non-technical tasks to feature development. Developing features and testing them before launch.
  • Customers are happier with your product and your employees are happier working on it. Since your product provides an edge in the market, this makes your customer and employee satisfaction greater and more stable, which generally leads to more sales.

In which departments or industries should the SCRUM Planning template be used?

The product roadmap should be used in any product development process that is governed by product planning. Roadmaps can be useful in traditional organizations as well.

  • Engineers in the application or code development department
  • Sales or marketing departments in the company
  • Programmers working in the application or code development department
  • Development teams in the company with many product developers
  • Management in a large corporation (E-commerce, Fitness, Small Business, Oil and Gas, etc.) with a large product line (e.g. hundreds of products).

How to work with KanBo Product Road Map Template for enterprise?

  • Add KanBo Product Road Map Template from KanBo Templates gallery.
  • Create a List with departments that are engaged in Product development.
  • List all tasks and create as a KanBo Cards in a list with departments.
  • Go to the board settings and enable “card statuses”. Set the statuses to to-do, doing, done. You can set other statuses.
  • Change task status and information about work progress. Set Done – when the task is done.
  • Name Labels and add them to a specific task.
  • Collect data on every stage and fill KanBo cards with relevant information.
  • Archive tasks when done.
  • Share knowledge and tasks with other departments adding employees from cross-departmental teams.

3 most powerful features in Product Road Map

Illustration showing a woman standing at the helm

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Document Groups illustration

Relevant documents structured your way

  • Organize documents into groups to maintain a refined overview
  • Move groups up and down to adapt them to your workflow
  • Collapse or expand groups to maintain your personal work focus
Illustration showing a man and a woman with a piece of puzzle

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Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.


You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.