Kaizen PDCA

Focus on areas of improvement with KanBo’s PDCA Kaizen template. Build plans, set goals, analyze facts, implement solutions and more with the 4 stage (Plan, Do, Check, Action) Kaizen model.

Bring continuous improvement to your organization with KanBo’s PDCA Kaizen template. Traverse the four stages of Plan, Do, Check and Action to build an iterative model of change and improvement. Communicate and collaborate as interdisciplinary teams to speed up improvement and overall efficiency.

Download Template

You will need KanBo to use this template.

Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.

You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.

Key usage points:  

  • 4 stages of PDCA – Deming Cycle
  • PDCA Card template
  • Goals table
  • Action plan
  • Contextual data collection
  • Chart module with
    • Progress overview
    • Cumulative flow
    • Cycle time histogram
  • Kanban view and Gantt Chart
  • Remote Access
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Works on all devices