What is PDCA cycle for Kaizen?

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) is an iterative, incremental four-stage approach for continually improving processes, products, or services, and for resolving problems in all industries. Kaizen is a continuous improvement method, focuses on applying small, daily changes that result in major improvements over time.

What is KanBo PDCA Template for Enterprise?

KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template for Enterprise provides an overview of the PDCA cycle for Kaizen. With KanBo’s PDCA Kaizen Template, the cross-functional teams can build plans, set goals, analyze facts, implement solutions for identifying improvement opportunities, and evaluating them objectively.

View of Kaizen PDCA Process Template in KanBo

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KanBo Board Kaizen PDCA

What is a PDCA card in KanBo?

The PDCA card in KanBo is a template card that contains an additional question for PDCA process steps. This makes the PDCA process even more efficient. Every employee sees helpful questions that make work easier. These questions can be changed and adapted to the needs of the company, department, or team.

What are the four steps in the PDCA cycle?

PDCA also named as a Deming Wheel include 4 stages:

  • Plan – define your objective and how you’ll achieve it.
  • Do – implement the plan and make any changes required to ensure it works.
  • Check – evaluate the results and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Act – adjust based on what is found in the previous step.

What is a digital Kaizen board?

Kaizen’s digital board is the software used to visualize the improvement process. Thanks to remote access to this work area, multifunctional teams can work efficiently from different locations. The digital version of the Kaizen Board offers KanBo. In this digital tool, cards representing each improvement are moving between lists: Plan, do, check, according to the Deming cycle. This way, Enterprise can plan, do, and check every improvement.

Benefits of using digital Kaizen PDCA board in KanBo:

1. Effective Cross-departmental collaboration.

With a digital KanBo Kaizen board, cross-functional teams can be involved in improvement even if the enterprise has multiple offices and remote workers. Everyone can work asynchronously in real-time and see the progress of improvements from anywhere.

2. Easy configuration a digital Kaizen board for process owners.

The digital kaizen board is a typical KanBo Board. As an, every KanBo Board has the possibility for quick and easy configuration and adaptation to business needs.

3. Knowledge management.

With a digital KanBo Board for Kaizen PDCA, everything about the improvement process is saved in a KanBo Card, and that knowledge lives forever. Advanced search tools enable the employee to find any past (or in-progress) improvements, ensuring that each one has a significant and lasting impact.

4. Remote Kaizen meetings.

With a digital Kaizen board, cross-functional teams can easily drill down into the details of each improvement. Remote access during meetings makes it more efficient.

How to work with KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template for enterprise?

  1. Add KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template from KanBo Templates gallery
  2. List all improvements as a KanBo Cards in 1st List – Plan
  3. Move improvements to the next stage of PDCA cycle
  4. Collect data on every stage and fill KanBo cards with this information
  5. Archive Improvement when done or back to the first List – Plan
  6. Share knowledge with other departments adding employees form cross-departmental teams


1. Does the enterprise can adapt and implement PDCA and Kaizen method?

Yes, the enterprise can adopt continuous improvement to the whole organization with KanBo’s PDCA Kaizen template. Communicate and collaborate as a cross-functional interdisciplinary team to speed up improvement and overall efficiency.

2. Is the KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template for Enterprise free?

Yes, the KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template for Enterprise is completely free for enterprise with a regular KanBo license.

3. Who can use KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template for enterprise?

Every Enterprise and industry can use the KanBo Kaizen PDCA Template. It is especially beneficial for cross-functional teams where it is normal to work with the improvement PDCA process for a resolving problem.

3 most powerful features in Kaizen PDCA

Detail Levels in Stream

Each user in KanBo can personalize the view of the stream by selecting one of the three predefined filters

  • Get only comments
  • Show the most important activities
  • See the complete stream with full details
Illustration showing a conversation in a KanBo card among two people which mention themselves

KanBo lets you mention people to involve them in productive discourse. Now you can facilitate precise communication with relevant people and exchange information faster because KanBo ensures that everyone is on the same page

Illustration showing a woman surrounded by icons representing mobile and a mobile phone

Boost productivity by staying updated on the go. Whether you’re commuting to work, traveling in between meetings, or heading to the airport, turning “dead time” into productive time has never been easier. With KanBo’s offline capabilities, you can stay productive on the go

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Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.


You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.