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Frequently Asked Questions

How is KanBo integrated with MS Teams?2020-03-20T13:04:59+00:00

While your organization works in Office 365 and take advantage of Microsoft Teams, you can display KanBo Boards in a Team’s channel. In this case, you will see your team’s conversation and all the information needed to get your work done from KanBo. See more here.

Does KanBo have an advanced search engine?2020-03-20T13:04:51+00:00

Yes, we have our own Search engine.KanBo compiles the search results into one easy to understand result page, based on all information provided by KanBo users in their daily work.KanBo gives you the best searching experience, allowing you to find what you are looking for. We support personal relevancy algorithm and advanced operators. See how to configure it here.

How does process of onboarding and offboarding look alike?2020-03-20T13:04:43+00:00

KanBo is tightly connected with your existing authentication services (Active Directory and Azure Active Directory). To KanBo, you can add existing users (with their passwords) and provides your organization with an SSO experience.  You can easily synchronize AD users and groups using our Active Directory Integration.

You can use our deactivation functionality to manage users, which left your company in the offboarding process. See more here.

KanBo is a recommended tool for organizations which have their own IT departments where the process of managing users is conducted internally.

Does KanBo support multilingual and distributed teams?2020-03-20T13:04:36+00:00

Yes, we do support multilingual and distributed teams which are appearing in modern organizations. Every user can set their own preferences like language settings and teams can work with users from different departments or team outside of the company (i.e.: partners). All KanBo users are added from the local Active Directory base and managed internally by IT administrators. See more here.

How can users experience KanBo while using mobile devices?2020-03-20T13:04:29+00:00

At KanBo we always look for the best, available technology to solve business problems. Being able to access information and work from your mobile device does not require mobile apps anymore. We strongly believe in Progressive Web Apps (What is PWA?) and that is how you interact with KanBo today. KanBo as a PWA gives you the same experience as using KanBo on desktops.  See more here.

How does KanBo stand as a stable and independent application?2020-03-20T13:04:21+00:00

KanBo has been created with the best IT standards in mind and is an independent application running on customer’s infrastructure (Cloud or On-Premises). See our statement here.

What kind of work can I do from home like remote worker?2020-03-20T12:11:56+00:00

You can do any work that you need a computer, the Internet and electricity to do as a intellectual worker and present the results. Today, more and more tasks, works can be done in this way. This is due to changes in activities and ways of working, which are becoming part of a greater change in the culture and organization of work. Here is a list of examples of areas in which you can perform tasks remotely or from home:

– Sales and marketing

– Customer service

– Finance and administration

– Analysis and research

– Shopping


As examples, we also present a list of KanBo templates, which are dedicated to the implementation of tasks in the form of remote work:

– IT Help Desk – Ticketing

– Easy ToDo letter

– Work Reques

– Editorial calendar for marketing

– Growth Experiments

– Sales Pipeline

– Ideas Bank

Can I receive notification from KanBo?2020-10-05T08:34:41+00:00

Yes, KanBo Board sends a notification to your Notification Center or when you didn’t read this notification, automatically send it to your email. In this case, you are always up to date with work status.

How is KanBo integrated with Outlook?2020-03-20T13:04:12+00:00

The Outlook Add-in makes it easy for you transfer information from an email to KanBo. This App equips you with the ability to convert Emails into KanBo Cards. It is also possible to select an existing KanBo Card and attach information from the email to it. See more here.

What are the minimal requirements of my infrastructure to install KanBo?2020-03-20T13:04:02+00:00

For Cloud (Azure/Office 365):

  1. Office 365 Enterprise E1 environment.
  2. Administrator access to the Azure portal.
  3. One SQL Database on Basic: 5 DTU, 2 GB.
  4. Optional – having a custom domain and SSL certificate for your KanBo Web App.

For On-Premises (or Private Cloud):

  1. Virtual Machine with Windows Server ( recommended: 16GB Ram, 4 CPU cores, 160GB HDD),
  2. SharePoint licenses (Foundation, Standard, Enterprise),
  3. SQL Server (at least Express edition),
  4. Active Directory.

See our detailed prerequisites article here.

How my department can install KanBo KanBo on Office365/Azure?2020-03-20T13:02:49+00:00

KanBo can be installed on Microsoft cloud services to take the full advantage of it. The installation should be performed in cooperation with your IT Department. Azure subscription and admin Office 365 access is required. See more here.

How my department can install KanBo KanBo on premises?2020-03-20T13:02:41+00:00

KanBo can be installed on your infrastructure (SharePoint 2013/2016) to make sure that your most valuable company’s assets stay safe and are located internally.  The installation should be performed in cooperation with your IT Department which have access to your server resources. Look here for more details.

How can my IT department install and run KanBo on our custom installation?2020-03-20T13:02:31+00:00

KanBo can be installed by using many installation models. Three scenarios of induction are possible: on your premises (SharePoint), on your Office 365 with your Azure, on Office 365 with Azure managed by KanBo SaaS infrastructure.
See more here.

What cloud providers do you support for KanBo installation?2020-03-20T13:02:23+00:00

KanBo can be installed on IT infrastructure, provided by:

You can proceed with KanBo installation on a Windows Server Virtual Machine, purchased from any of the above providers. You can read more about infrastructure prerequisites for KanBo installation here.

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