We have worked hard to make KanBo even better, and have added a number of exciting improvements. In this article, you will find all of the features that have been shipped in the KanBo 2.8 Release.

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Board Collection Templates

Board Collection Templates enable you to save a template of your entire Board collection. Now you can easily re-create the entire set of Boards you use in your Board Collection. This functionality might be helpful for departments – you can share a template with your colleagues to see them how you can arrange projects and information in their area of work.

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Board Templates

Any team can plan and manage their projects more effectively starting with KanBo templates. Enable your project teams to adapt through organizational learning. The use of project templates is a great way to improve efficiency – by allowing every project team to benefit from your organization’s accumulated project management and process knowledge.  KanBo provides also complex Template Sets, which consist of multiple boards within card-relations between them. Boost your productivity with our templates from KanBo Solutions Shelf.

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how to create board template

Card Templates

Card templates come in handy when you need to create complex cards of similar predefined structures, subtasks and documents quickly. KanBo’s powerful card templates are designed with customization and flexibility in mind and will help your team share actionable knowledge so you can benefit from the experiences of others. A card template can be created of any other existing card or can be created as a new one exactly the same way as you were working in a regular card. You can even collaborate with others while building your perfect card template.
All Card Templates are stored by the Board and you can set any custom Card Template you built as a default for creating new Cards in that Board ensuring all cards have the similar structure – if needed you can adapt cards created from templates to your requirements.

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We have increased the flexibility of KanBo by adding 10 very precise roles. Each of them enables a certain critical functionality or area in KanBo. Now you can much better manage what which user can do in KanBo.

The permissions are:

  • Roles Assignment
  • Setup
  • Adding users
  • License Management
  • Board Management
  • Public Management
  • Template Upload
  • Docsource Management

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New Search

KanBo Search has been extended.

Now you can use a set of filters and sorting options to find the exact cards you are looking for.

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Search in KanBo

Template-related features

Here is the set of template-related, smaller features:

  • Downloading and uploading Board templates – you can download any Board template and upload it on any KanBo environment,
  • Progress bar – when you create a Board out of template or a Board template file, you will see the progress on the progress bar,
  • Possibility to delete the last list

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Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps Integration

Sky is the limit. Enjoy over 80 KanBo actions you can invoke now using the Microsoft Power Automate environment.

Azure Logic Apps integration will give you even more technical options to automate your work.

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KanBo Power Automate

Zapier integration

Enjoy building powerful Zaps with over 80 KanBo actions in Zapier.

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KanBo and Zapier

Extended export to Excel

When you export a Board’s view to Excel, you will see the following fields:

Card ID, Card name, List name, Status name, Status role, Responsible,Co-workers, Created by,Created date,Start date, Due Date,Late,Completed date,Completed by, Completed,Todo items,Labels,Card link.

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KanBo User Groups Management

Introducing the KanBo User Groups which allow you to manage users centrally and control access to Boards and Board Collections with substantially less work.

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KanBo User Group Management

Weeks in the Calendar view

Indication of year’s weeks is now present in the Calendar view.

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Weeks Calendar View in KanBo

Statuses and Templates are now available in the Outlook App

Now you can choose a template for a card which will be created out of your email. You can also choose a status for a Card when you are creating it out of email or just adding email to the existing card.

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Streaming changes of related cards in relations

In some relations between cards it is important that changes are automatically pushed into related cards.
Here the two most important relations which changes will consequence in sending notifications:
Parent – Child (child reports to all its parents)
Previous – Next (previous reports to next cards)
Now, you will be notified in the parent or next card whether child or previous card have been completed.

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Many smaller improvements and fixes

We introduce many lesser improvements and fixes in this version.

Here are a few examples:

  • separate loading of documents and cards for better performance,
  • collapsing Card elements doesn’t get lost after a refresh,
  • alphabetical sorting of users and user groups,
  • user-friendly message when user enters a Board Collection to which he doesn’t have access,
  • introducing “No labels” list in Board view of labels.

Editable Board Collection’s name

Now you can click on the Board Collection’s name to edit it.

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Timeline and Gantt chart zoom

We have implemented zoom into Timeline and Gantt Chart.

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Timeline in KanBo Board

Egnyte integration

We present you the powerful integration with the Egnyte platform. The benefit of the Business integration of Kanbo and Egnyte is a secure way of using documents in contextual work. It also eliminates using multiple tools to store and edit documents.

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