We have worked hard to make KanBo even better, and have added a number of exciting improvements. In this article, you will find all of the features that have been shipped in the KanBo 2.8.2 Release.

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New navigation

We present your intuitive and handy navigation panel which displays:

  • recent boards that will allow you to switch through the boards you use the most often,
  • pin which allows you to hide or expand the navigation,
  • board collections and elements inside them: boards and links. Boards are marked with their color.

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Boards views

Board views give users the opportunity to save their own views of boards as private or public.

Views will save filters sorting, types of view, orders of dimensions, and other specific settings.

The possible views are ones of : kanban (former list view), calendar, chat, Gantt chart and analytics.

All views are equipped with individual URL addresses so they can be shared with other collaborators.

It’s possible to enable or disable showing child cards and timeline inside a view.

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Board improvements:
Additional user management and filtering option in a board

Board upper bar is now equipped with simplified and additional user management section. It’s possible to add users by clicking on the plus button.

There’s also an option to filter cards by ones to which a certain user is assigned to. It can be achieved by clicking on the user on the upper bar and selecting Filter.

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New search experience

The new search experience allows you to search anything now in KanBo. Cards, Comments, Documents, etc. also utilizing a huge variety of search refiners that make the search experience very effective. The relevancy sorting uses sophisticated algorithms to present to you the most important information regarding your current working context.

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Sending card comment as a mail message

You are able to write a comment / message in a card and additionally mark it for sending to an Email recipient.

In combination with a public Email address of a card you are able to communicate with external users as they will reply to the card directly.

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The welcome screen

By default, when the user enters KanBo, a welcome screen will be displayed.

The welcome screen shows:

  • date,
  • a number of unread notifications.

This will be expanded in the upcoming KanBo versions.

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Card improvements

The new improvements are:

  • card relations,
  • adding documents directly to cards.

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Outlook App improvements

Now you can:

  • choose a template to be added to an email,
  • choose a status to be added to an email,
  • choose a label to be added to an email,
  • showing more information regarding emails’ sender, receiver etc.

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Colors for card dates in the calendar view

In the board calendar, each date is colored after the first label which gives a more visual overview of terms.

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We have rebuild the triggers mechanisms for workflow engines like Power Automate, Zapier or ServiceNow.

There are now 7 powerful triggers:

  • Card moved,
  • User added to a card,
  • Labels added to a card,
  • Card role was changed,
  • Comment is created in a card,
  • Label was attached to card,
  • Label was detached from card.

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ServiceNow integration

KanBo and Service Now integration allow you to automate KanBo actions by building Flows.

ServiceNow is PaaS provider, providing technical management support, such as IT service management, to the IT operations of large corporations, including providing help desk functionality.

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Seamless import from Microsoft Planner

Once you reach the limits of Microsoft Planner you can easily continue in KanBo. Since a KanBo Board belongs to the same Microsoft Team (Microsoft 365 Group) you can import all cards incl. all details from Microsoft Planner even documents and comments. In seconds you can continue in KanBo, even the user permission will be the same and you can also add a Teams KanBo Tab and remove the Planner Tab.

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Microsoft Teams App

Beside the usual Microsoft Teams App features like Tabs, Bot or Message Extensions, KanBo provides a deep integration with the Microsoft 365 Groups concept allowing a Board to become an integral part of the whole Team concept within Microsoft Teams. That includes using the same permissions and the same documents as well as supporting public and private channels concepts within KanBo.

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Other improvements

We present other improvements i.e.:

  • touch support for mobile devices,
  • showing card dependencies on the Gannt chart,
  • translating our Help to English, German and Polish.