Human Resources Departments Turn to Alternatives after Atlassian Abandons Jira Server

There is zero chance that the Human Resources Departments of many large organizations will consider moving to a cloud-based infrastructure. These enterprises don’t only have to ensure absolute security of their critical cyber assets and information, they are also bound to comply with a multitude of internal policies and external regulations that may be imposed by the industry or the government or both. Now, large businesses that have no choice but to rely on an on-premises solution to protect their intellectual property and valuable data are searching for viable alternatives to Jira Server.

Human Resources Departments in large organizations often deploy Jira Server to manage internal workflows. Now that Atlassian has announced that it will be abandoning Jira Server very soon, the heads and vice presidents of HR Departments have no choice but to find an alternative solution that provides on-premises installation of their workflows, data, and systems. It is not an easy task when most solutions being offered today are cloud-only.

KanBo as Jira  alternative

Jira Server Alternative with On-Premises Deployment that Enterprise HR Departments Can Trust

KanBo on-premises software is equipped with dedicated features and functionalities for HR departments. That’s what makes KanBo the best choice for VPs of HR Departments who are looking for a Jira Server alternative. If your HR department desires the security of an on-premises infrastructure that also comes with the contemporary cloud technology that enables futuristic innovation and sustainable growth in your company, KanBo on-premises is exactly the choice you need to make as the head of the HR department. 

With KanBo on-premises, we are going out of our way to address the unique needs and requirements of HR departments across a wide range of industries by providing them with a versatile and comprehensive solution that brings many of the features of state-of-the-art cloud-based apps you want for your team. KanBo can be deployed on your on-premise infrastructure tailored to your business needs without sacrificing any features. 

How KanBo On-Premises Can Benefit HR Departments in Large Organizations

Enterprise HR Features with Human Capital Management (HCM) 

Human Resources Departments manage a multitude of necessary functions of enterprise business. For maintaining operational continuity, HR is instrumental in providing adequate labor, ensuring law compliance, record keeping, hiring and training, handling compensations, providing relational assistance, and helping with addressing specific issues. Apart from that, HR departments help to achieve competitive advantage through strategic enterprise deployment of a highly committed and capable HR workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques. This is one of the most essential tasks of the modern HR Department. 

KanBo Offers Human Capital Management (HCM) software that empowers organizations’ HR departments to recruit, manage, develop, and optimize human capital in a seamless manner so they can acquire a competitive edge within the industry. 

Improves Agile Work Style across the Enterprise

The HR department is ideally positioned in the enterprise to enhance the mindset, systems, processes, and structures in an agile way. They have the ability to support cross-functional teams and employees so they can deliver value to their customers every day. 

KanBo makes it easier for organizations to achieve an agile enterprise HR model which permits appropriate allocation of resources for top business requirements leading to the following positive outcomes: 

  • Critical talent initiatives can be completed more efficiently. 
  • HR staff can focus on delivering a major impact and boost employee engagement. 
  • Increased productivity in the HR department through agile project delivery techniques. 
  • Eliminate the siloed approach typically found in traditional HR organizations. 

When HR departments work in collaboration with other cross-functional teams, they bring together an exceptional mix of business and HR knowledge that combines with the domain expertise to drive creative solutions within the enterprise boosting sustainable growth. 

Focus On Growth-Oriented Tasks

Given the inherent flexibility of today’s agile methods, KanBo gives enterprise HR departments the opportunity to free up time to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about systemic processes and manual tasks. This means that you get the ability to hire the right people for the right jobs and then find the time and resources to develop them so they can deliver an exceptional level of proficiency.  

With KanBo software, you’ll be able to see the complete picture of how employees work together within the organization, develop continuous improvement metrics to measure employee performance and their effectiveness. The VP HR can create a strong and valuable department when using KanBo on-premises software.

How Can the Enterprise HR Team Use KanBo On-Premises Software?

Organizations can turn KanBo on-premises software into a core component of their enterprise HR strategy to enhance the productivity of people planning and business process management to further secure a competitive advantage. HR departments can save time and improve work processes by ensuring centralization and integration of corporate data. Enterprise HR employees will have the luxury to use KanBo’s software to leverage enterprise HR expertise for managing all aspects of HR functions within the organization, including but not limited to: 

  • Managing HR business processes and systems and reviewing them for enhancement 
  • Securing information through knowledge sharing across cross-functional teams 
  • Developing responsible business intelligence for informed decision-making 
  • Onboarding new employees through a seamless process 
  • Getting off-hand information into actionable knowledge through a content sharing system


KanBo On-Premises is a complete HR department suite that will allow you to utilize analytics to achieve organizational and business objectives, integrate enterprise HR processes, define HR metrics to further increase accuracy, and make all enterprise employees related processes faster. 

Now when we come back to the burning question of this piece – what’s the best on-premises alternative to Jira Server? The answer is actually quite simple – it’s KanBo software! The HR team needs a solution that is user-friendly to install and set up, ensures security, and integrates with enterprise HR systems creating a unified system to manage enterprise HR. This is exactly what KanBo is offering to enterprise HR teams.

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