5 steps to stop wasting time and start doing the right tasks in the right time.

May it be due to a block up or a breakdown, sometimes the time wasted at work is out of your control. This is a short guide with 5 steps you can take to stop wasting time.

Increasing focus may be the best way to avoid wasting time at work. But what happens when the causes are out of our control?

May it be waiting for a breakdown to be solved, waiting for a block up that your work depends on, or waiting for further instructions & information. In the enterprise, employees wastes most of the time at work waiting for something. These waiting times can add up and make a considerable dent in an enterprise overall performance (How to manage and solve blockers related to work in enterprises – read here).

However, these waiting times in an enterprise can easily be reduced and eliminated by doing the right things at the right time(You can read about the negative effects of “work about work”, and how to prevent it, here). To regulate your workflow, KanBo allows employees to visualize all your work and prioritize it in a way that ensures completion. Now employees can plan ahead and avoid wasting time waiting with these 5 steps made possible with KanBo software.

5 steps to Stop Wasting Time in the enterprise using KanBo

Here are the top 5 ways to do the right tasks in the right time in KanBo:

1. Start work with transparency

Every member of a team across enterprise depends on each other to boost the overall performance of the team, department, and enterprise. Often, a delay from a team member could block up the workstream and result in an endless amount of wasted time. KanBo software fosters transparency in an enterprise that allows team members to view what others are working on. This allows team members in the enterprise to develop a deep trust, responsibility, and admiration for each other’s efforts. By knowing what others are up to, team members could sync their timelines and work in tandem to achieve the perfect balance (more about work and partnership between departments in large organisation read here).

2. Establish Clear Work Process with MyBoard

Sometimes the cause of waiting in the enterprise is our own inefficient work processes that lack clarity. KanBo MyBoard makes it easier to bring your work into focus so employees can stop wasting time and do the right things instead. Visualize all your tasks by adding them to your MyBoard, assign personal priorities, and streamline your workstream to establish clear work processes that eliminate delays and waiting times in enterprise.

MyBoard – Personal Kanban

KanBo’s MyBoard allows you to visualize and prioritize your own work stream. Move cards, set dates & reminders, get insights and more with KanBo.

3. Get the Right information in real-time – Stay up to date – always!

To do the right tasks at the right time by employees in the enterprise, the right information needs to be available. Since information is a constantly changing entity, KanBo updates it in real-time to ensure that employees always get the latest developments. With KanBo’s multi-level, real-time contextual notifications employees can get a fully updated view that reduces delays and boosts efficiency in the enterprise.

4. Communication in the context of work – Work Together

Work and communicate collectively across the enterprise to reduce overall delays and regulate workstream. By keeping in close contact with the employee and their daily tasks using KanBo’s robust communication and collaboration features, managers can easily coordinate with team members to avoid miscommunication that results in time-wasting delays.

5. Work across departments

When departments in an enterprise collaborate, dependency issues can cause even longer delays and greater inefficiencies. KanBo provides a way to combat this with task relations. Task relations allow employees to build a powerful relational network that can help keep track of the overall work and all its dependencies. Now employees can reduce time wasted on waiting for other departments to deliver by doing the right tasks in perfect sync.


With this 5-step guide and using KanBo software, employees in the enterprise can stop waiting, start to visualize work, and take control of work to increase focus and efficiency. Employees can do the right work at the right time in the enterprise with KanBo’s robust features. Get started by trying out the MyBoard template now.

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